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Via Bergamo 14, 20135 Milan, Italy
Tel. +39 393 860 6972

Instagram: @garage.milano

Garage offers a new way to work in Fashion and for Fashion, making connections, new contacts, and synergies among the different professionals.
Experiencing new methods of cooperation that build a launchpad for start-ups and upcoming designers, as well as the development of already established companies, who aim to enlarge their distribution, Garage customizes the offer on the client's needs through flexibility in services, redefined time after time.
Intending to take customers' ideas forward, having full respect for their uniqueness - today's key feature to stand out from the rest of the other realities - Garage team develops medium and long-term projects intending to provide a background of reliability and strength.
"Garage" as "car repair shop" where designers and clients can figuratively start their engine, increase the power, or just oil the components on which an action is essential, making sure that the weak points will get stronger.